Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Cure For The Summer Time Blues...

The busiest time of year on the farm is July. We are harvesting vegetables from our garden, hilling potatoes, making hay and storing it in the barn. Raising chickens, pigs, lamb, or a cow for meat;  by good intentions we made early in the season when time was slow. Getting ready for county fairs, either bringing livestock for show, or going to check out new stock for a breeding program. Family, you gotta go to summer parties; graduations, birthdays, and holiday picnics. And then dare squeeze in a camping trip!
The extra sunlight wakes us up at 4am- not hard if you have to milk cows, but not welcomed if you don't. We rarely have any sick days and never get snowed in for an excuse. if you are feeling worn some relaxing techniques.

1. Find a comfortable chair in the shade with plenty of water and sit there for at least a half an hour...admire the surroundings and not the work that has to be done.
2. Go to bed early in the evening. Or during the day, go back to bed and sleep. Take the day off to rest.
3. Visit a friend and let them serve you something-tea, cookies, beer, wine, maybe even dinner.
4. Go to a movie.
5. Go for a drive.
6. Go out to dinner.
7. Do nothing.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. It takes some effort to be a slacker, the biggest hurdle is ignoring the guilt of not doing something.

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