Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hobby farming with Andre' Jones

I have lived in rural areas for 30 years, but I think it goes farther back, more like 50 years. I did live in NYC for 16 years but we always had a rural place.
The Seeber Farm is where we now live, just outside of Cherry Valley. We have sheep, that we raise for wool and meat. The sheep are grass fed and organic. We also raise chickens for meat in the summer time. I am an animal lover, don't get me wrong. Wrong is the inhumane way our nation raises meat today. Most poultry is raised in hot houses that are not clean and they are confined in small spaces. Most of your lamb is raised half way around the world, and is grain fed; most time it is mutton.
So let me share what I know....So that you might try some things of days gone by, but are really good things for your health and well being.
Spinning wool
felting wool
homesteading tips.

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