Sunday, January 23, 2011

Felting a Bar of Soap

Why grab a bar of felted soap? Because a felted bar of soap is like having a wash cloth and bar of soap all in one, and not only that, it will exfoliate dead skin and make you silky smooth.
It really isn't that hard to do. Wool roving can be bought online in so many colors that you will be able to match your bathroom with no problem. Wool roving is very cheap; 1 oz of roving will run you about $3.25 not including shipping. I buy my roving from Mary, at She has so many colors and her wool is great felting wool.
Okay lets get started on felting soap: Have a bar of soap, any kind.
Take about a 5" piece of roving-this can be done by pulling the amount of wool right from the bat. With your fingers, separate the fibers just a little and wrap tightly around your bar of soap (width), take another piece of wool, same size and wrap around (length) so that the wool is cross wise to the first piece. Make sure that the wool is covering the entire bar. Grab the bar of soap with your hand and place it all the way down a nylon stocking (I use the knee highs) without disturbing the wool and hold in place with a rubber band, so you have a pouch.
Run warm water from the faucet, and saturate until wet, put a little liquid soap on the pouch, and gently rub at first. Rub all around and build up a lather; it is the same motion as washing your hands. After a minute or two, add very hot water, and the repeat the washing but this time with more vigor for about 5 minutes.
Now, squeeze out any water, remove rubber band and reach down into the stocking to get your felted soap bar!
The stocking might cling, just peel off. Remember now, whenever you use this soap to will continue to felt. And after using, just squeeze out the water and place so it can dry before using again.
When your soap has disappeared you can still use this for scrubbing.

If you are interested in learning how to felt wool, may I suggest the book, "Felt Frenzy" by Heather Brack and Shannon Okey.

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  1. Great directions for making the felted soap! I like the idea of using the knee high to keep the fibers in place.