Monday, January 24, 2011

Collecting Paper from the Past

The most interesting thing you can collect is paper memorabilia, otherwise known as 'ephamera'.
Postcards, magazines, newspapers, books, stamps, even old letters are easy to find, easy to store, easy to send and receive in the mail. You can find most paper collectibles in: garage sales, antique shops or auctions. ebay is a great place to look for all kinds of historical paper items. Collecting paper is a part of history, as it is a record of our past, someone's past, civilizations past.
Postcards are lovely time telling pieces of art. Not only for the postcard, but for the message on the back, written by someone that actually roamed the planet; sometimes it is about the weather, or a short note; all in all, it is a record of time. Postcards can be stored in albums, and taken out to view anytime. They can be displayed on a holder or carefully matted and framed.
Magazines are so much fun to browse, because of the different clothing styles, recipes, cars they drove, and how they lived back then, but like everything in the media, it is what they would like you to think as well.
Newspapers are very delicate, and must be preserved carefully, but are the best time pieces of history.
Books are great, because if you find a first edition, signed or hard to find copy, it could be quite valuable.
Stamps are a part of history and are always limited, another great collectible that doesn't take up a lot of room.
And finally, letters are wonderful glimpses into the private lives of people. People wrote letters while at war, when in love, and or missing each other; and finding these, is just a treasure.
 All of these collectibles should be stored in archival books, folders, or boxes; check local stores for these special containment's; then keep in a dry, cool, dark place for further preserving.
I hope you check out collecting paper, and help be a time keeper for the next generation to enjoy this great hobby.


  1. I have several scrapbooks full of postcards and newspaper clippings my grandmother put together. I love looking through them, she must have made about 2 dozen. I also have 8 or 10 journals that my great grandmother kept. They are from ther late 1800's, what a great window into the past!

  2. Diane, that is fabulous. And you are taking care of them for others to enjoy.