Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

This has been a terrible spring. We have seen snow and rain for the most part of April. When the farm is cold, wet and muddy not much gets done. I haven't cleaned up what the animals left behind, during winter confinement. The mud is so plentiful, that it would leave big ruts or get my tractor stuck. Any mess will be waiting for better weather, and that is when I will want to be doing something else-oh well.
I managed to shear one sheep to her misfortune, but I do notice the others are jealous of her skivvies.
We also had chicks born in the incubator; they have stayed in a box, in the house where is is warm and dry. Nothing like chicken on the kitchen counter! I have had the luxury of my very own crumb picker for the dinning room table; I just pick one out, set them in a crumb pile and let them peck.
Planted peas a week ago, but bought another package just in case these rot in the ground. All of the inside baby plants are doing well with some helpful hints from my green thumb neighbor, Patricia. She told me when the tomato plants get spindly, transfer into a bigger peat pots and fill up to the leaves; this is working very well. Peppers took a while to come up but every one of them is up and smiling.
My neighbor and I want to raise a pig. We have been cleaning out a spot in the old 1860's barn for this pig project. David King makes the best bacon, scrapple, and hams, this side of Minden. When I had a  taste of this magnificent bacon, wanted to make the entire pig into 12" slabs. This is very unladylike to admit, but the finer things in life are at our will, too many things are not.
So I leave you now...Happy Easter, Happy New Birth.

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