Saturday, June 4, 2011

After The Garden

My chores consist of shoveling manure, weeding the garden, setting up fences, and household tasks. Nail Salons would be a total waste of my money, but I do like to pamper myself with products that civilize and sooth the skin. Hands are the forefront, a telltale account of our lives."You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their hands." For myself, my hands would say that I work hard. However your hands make that first impression, at least make sure they are clean!. 
Living near Sharon Springs, New York, I have found Beekman's 1802 "After the Garden" soap to be just the thing to get my hands feeling good again. click here The scent is nice and clean, lathers up nicely, and leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth.
One tip I learned from my grandmother, was to scratch the soap with your finger nails before you go out to the garden to prevent dirt from entering the crevice in the first place; and this soap works like a charm because of it's soft consistency. 
Then after the garden, I make up a nice ice tea with a sprig of mint and sit in the shade admiring the great weeding job-nice and clean, how great is that!
And to find more about Josh and Brent's fabulous journey to Sharon Springs read...The Bucolic Plague, by Josh Kilmer Purcell

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