Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bag Balm not just for Cows

I don't need to list all the battles we have with Old man winter, just how we can win arguments.Winter is tough on our skin; inside the house our exposed skin is dried to a potato chip and outside we are flash frozen. I would leave frost bite to the professionals in case you over do it. But for those of us that work hard without folly, there is a cure for those painful sore spots, and cracks from winter stressed hands, lips and toes....Bag Balm.
Bag Balm was invented by J L. Norris, a genius that hasn't received the Nobel Peace prize for his invention to udder relief. 
Bag Balm is found in farm stores, but also sold in the drug stores. It is in the famous green can with a red clovers. The packaging is a welcome site; a reminder of spring, Vermont pastures, and something clean and nice. Just rub or pile it on your sore spots and in about a day or two you should get relief. I might add that nothing else will act on the pain and cure as well as Bag Balm!
Admiral Byrd brought Bag Balm for his cows on his frosty North Pole expedition in 1937 (would make a great Super Bowl ad by today's standards) as well as treating his cows, he found that by rubbing those tits with Bag Balm he cured those rough dry hands.

Last year my ewe, Sumo, had delivered three lambs, innocently they were sucking and tugging on her tender skin, and wrecking her udders. Those poor udders took a beating.  I had to separate her from the lambs. Babbette, my other Ewe, who had  harden off a bit and could handle four lambs, was happy as heck to have her own flock.
Anyway, Sumo had Bag Balm massages for a week, and while I was treating her, we bonded. That week-she ran over to me and positioned herself to be treated and lavished in that attention; she loves me. Once she recovered, and reunited with her babies, it was such a blessing. Bag Balm save her life.
There are millions of testimonials about Bag Balm, much better than mine. So, jot over to the store and get some Bag Balm-it will save your life too!


  1. well said, you have the gift Andre!

  2. Thanks, and the pleasure I hope was all yours.